We took a back road

Happy Halloween!

I have been waiting for ages to use my new Wilton mold.  I spotted this a few months ago and had a ‘just have to get it’ moment.  I know there is a huge choice of Wilton products on the internet but I got this from a local-ish shop to me  called Sweet Success.

I discovered Sweet Success a few years ago when I first got in baking.  This is the best shop in Nottinghamshire that I am aware of for range of products when decorating cupcakes and cakes, seriously this shop has everything!  If you are local to Nottingham and are into cake decorating then this shop is a must.  Not only do they have a huge range of products but their prices are the cheapest I have seen.  I normally stock up on candy melts when I visit as they are only £2.99 a bag and they have lots of colours to choose from.  The staff are super helpful too which I love, every time I go in I ask advice on something, there is always someone who knows their stuff and is willing to help.  A product which I will not buy from anywhere but Sweet Success is cupcake cases, they have lots of different colours and they are really good quality, not like the really thin supermarket ones you can get.  Sweet Success also bake cakes ready for you to decorate, the smell in the shop is so good it makes you want to eat the air!

These molds are really easy to use, it’s just a matter of melting your candy melts, pouring it in to the mold and sticking it in the fridge for half an hour or until it is set.  I know you can melt your candy melts in the microwave but I always end up burning it……stupid microwave!  I melt mine by boiling a pan of water and resting a bowl on top of the pan which has the candy melts in (I think there is a special name for this but I can’t remember it).

Anyway, back to my Halloween cake.  I have cheated with this cake as I have used a Betty Crocker packet mix, I know, I know, it is not proper baking but I love this cake and it is super quick and easy to make.

I used a square cake tin as I had got a really cute square black cake board (another Sweet Success purchase).  Once the cake was baked and cooled I cut a thin layer off the top of the cake and crumbled it into a bowl.  Next I covered the top of the cake with a messy layer of Betty Crocker chocolate  butter cream icing and sprinkled the crumbled up cake back on the top.  It was then time to place my candy melt skeleton pieces on top of the cake and there you have it!


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