A little more Cromer

Today in Cromer…..


Our view this morning


Candy kisses



Painting at the Sticky Earth Cafe

Update.  We went to collect our finished items on Friday and this is what they looked like…

photo 1

Honey’s unicorn

photo 2

The mug that Honey painted for Auntie Esther

The Sticky Earth cafe was a lovely little place to visit with children, Honey loved it that much that she wants to go back for her Birthday party……..we live 150 miles away!



My holiday so far……

Cromer - Pebbles

Honey finding pebbles on the beach in Cromer

Cromer - Beach Huts

Beach huts


Drawing with Honey


Ladies toilet sign…….we are easily amused

Afternoon Tea

In a previous post I mentioned going to a Christmas Fayre in Derby, after a hard mornings shopping we decided to have afternoon tea at Darby & Joan, who had the cutest pop up tea shop at the Christmas Fayre. I am a real sucker for anything like this, I love the whole vintage feel and the fact that there is tea and cake involved makes it all the more brilliant.

Afternoon tea 4

There was bunting hung up and table cloths on the tables. Each table had a vase of flowers on with the vase being made from an old treacle tin or something similar. I loved how the staff were all dressed for the part too.

Afternoon tea 1

It was so nice drinking tea from a proper cup and saucer instead of mug! I had gone with my Mum and my Sister and we all had lemon cake, it was so scrumptious.

Afternoon tea 2

According to their business card, Darby and Joan do Weddings, Tea Parties, Hen Parties, Baby Showers, Christening, Birthday celebrations. I love the thought of a pop up tea shop being able to transfer anywhere into your own little bit of vintage.

Cold hands warm heart

So this blog post is thanks to my Mum and her idea for making some Valentines gloves.

Here is what you will need

Gloves (You can pick these up from the pound shop)


Silk thread

Heart template




Use your heart template to cut out a felt heart.  The felt heart then needs to be cut in half.

heart 2

heart 1

Take the left hand side of your felt heart and stitch it on to your left glove.  And yes you guessed it, take the right hand side of your felt heart and stitch it to your right glove. Simples 🙂

glovesWe also made a children’s pair of these for my Neice.  She now has very cute Valentine hands x