Photographs are smiles that last forever

My Mum has always been very creative, when both myself and my Sister were in dance shows she would always help out with making the costumes……I seem to remember lots of sequins!  I also remember my Mum misplacing a needle and it being found by my Dad when he stood on it!

Anyway, for the past eight or so years my Mum has been scrapbooking.  For those who do not know what scrapbooking is, its kind of a photo album/journal that has had a creative makeover.  One day I would like to do a step by step guide of how to complete a scrapbook page but for now I will show you some examples of pages that my Mum has done.


This Tinkerbell page is made from a green glitter 12 x 12 page with a spread the magic die cut from Just A Memory.  This page is such a simple but effective design.


This page is another simple design.  The Dreams do come true embellishment was purchased from America and the diamantes that frame the picture are from Cratz Boutique.


This page shows a picture of my Neice Honey’s gorgeous glittery pumps.  This page has alot more going on than the other two, the great thing is that you can put as much or as little on each page as you want.

My Mum has passed her scrapbooking addiction on to myself, my Sister, my Sister In Law and my Neice.

If anyone who reads this enjoys scrapbooking please let me know, its always good to hear about new places to get scrapbooking supplies from.