Ohana means family

We have been to Florida several times as a group of adults, but in 2011 when Honey was nearly three we got to experience Disney with a clid. Everything was so much more magical ūüôā¬†

A couple of weeks ago we had a family meeting to plan to go back to the magical world of Disney next year, this family meeting actually turned into us making a booking for next year.  I am sooooo excited, this time there will be two children.

For our family get together I decided to make some Mickey Mouse cupcakes. These are super easy to make. This is where I found the idea, How to cook that.





Are there any Disney fans reading this?

Does anyone have any other Disney baking ideas?


A Hidden Treasure

This weekend I took my Mum and Dad to Lea Gardens, near Matlock. ¬†The Rhododendrom Garden is such a beautiful place to visit. ¬†I won’t go on and on about how amazing it is as you can check out their website for all the details. ¬†I would however like to share a few of my pictures with you from the gardens.





Auntie Doreen, if you are reading this Mum said you would love it there! x




What you will need…

5 x Mars Bars – chopped up

4oz Butter – cut into chunks

5oz Rice Krispies

1oz Mini Marshmallows

1oz Dark Chocolate

What you will need to do…

1. ¬†Line a baking tin (mine was a 8″ x 8″ square tin)

2.  Put the Mars Bars and butter in a large pan and melt over a gentle heat.  Keep stirring until smooth.  Do not let the mixture boil.

3.  Stir in the Rice Krispies followed by half the marshmallows.

4.  Empty into the baking tin and level out.  Press the remaining marshmallows on top.

5.  Melt the dark chocolate in the microwave or on the hob and drizzle over the Rice Krispies.

6.  Chill in the tray for 1 hour until set.

7.  Remove from tin, cut into slices.

8. ¬†Enjoy with a big fat cup of tea, and remember, don’t tell the dentist!