As I have mentioned before, my Sisters best friend is having several hen nights leading up to her wedding.  This post is all about our glamorous camping trip.


We booked to stay at Baxby Manor Hideaway and these super cute bell tents were our homes for the weekend.



The tents were a lot bigger than they looked on the outside, it was like some kind of Dr Who Tardis!  Each tent was filled with cute bunting and comfy seats and sofas (which turned into beds) with throws and cushions and lanterns.



My Sister had made lots of little activities for us to do over the weekend, we had wedding pictionary and mould a groom.  There were also some glamping rules, anyone who swore would have to stand on one leg for a minute and anyone who mentioned the grooms name had to do an animal impression.



I would definitely go back to Baxby Manor for a weekend of glamping.  Its especially nice for anyone who is not really into camping as the shower unit is lovely and there are power points for hair dryers and straighteners.


Screen One

My younger Sister Amy has a best friend, also called Amy. They started school on the same day and have been best friends ever since. As things can get very confusing when both Amy’s are together they often get referred to as Amy 1 and Amy 2 or Thing 1 and Thing 2 (My Sister being Amy 1).

On Christmas Eve 2011 they both got engaged, cue lots of screaming and crying!

Amy 2 will be will be getting married this year and instead of having one big hen night she has had lots of small hen nights. I thought I would write about a couple of these and maybe someone else can take inspiration for a hen party they are organising.

Our Screen One movie night involved some scrumptious cinema food and lots of wedding chick flicks.

photo 1

photo 3

photo 4

photo 2(2)

Wireless 2013

I was lucky enough to go to the Wireless festival a couple of weekends ago and it was amazing. I must admit, we were actually only there to see Jay Z and Justin, the rest of the day was just a bonus.

The weather was gorgeous, it was actually scorching and we had to keep finding a little bit of shade to cool down. I want to go back again……..RIGHT NOW!