Happy Birthday Dad

We decided that this year instead of buying birthday gifts for each other we would make them.

It was my Dads birthday yesterday and here is what I made him.  I always struggle with what to buy my Dad, he is so hard to buy for!

unnamed 2

Birthday cupcakes


Family Tree picture

I think I am going to be spending many an hour on Pinterest looking for ideas for the rest of my family.


It is what it is

All of a sudden I have noticed that I have lots of candles.  I am not sure how I ended up with so many!  This weekend my home welcomed two more…..


This candle is from The Range.  My Mum picked this up to buy and some how I ended up with one too.


This cute candle is from TK Maxx.  I originally picked it up because I liked the ceramic pot that it was in, as soon as I smelt it I knew I wanted to buy it.  I am not too sure how to describe the smell of this candle other than pretty.


I also picked this notebook up from TK Maxx, I thought it would make a cool travel journal for when we go to Florida later this year.

I Love Men In Top Hats

Things you will see on the walls of my home…….


This was a Christmas gift a couple of years ago from my parents.  I believe this was from Rocket St George, although I can no longer find this print on their site.


An Etsy purchase.


This was a Christmas gift from my Brother and Sister In Law about 4 years ago.  I am a huge Goonies fan.  My Brother managed to get me a photo signed by Jeff Cohen who played Chunk.


This was a Christmas gift this year.  It is leaning against the wall at the minute but I think I might eventually have it up on the wall.  This was also from Rocket St George, I could spend a fortune on this site, there are so many things I want from here for my house.

Try the grey stuff


Today we had a family meeting to discuss our trip to Orlando Florida.  When we first had our get together to discuss booking the holiday I made some hidden Mickey cupcakes, these can be found here.

This time I made some Beauty and the Beast themed cupcakes.  You may be looking at these thinking, how is this Disney related???  Well, the yellow case represents Belle’s dress and the grey icing represents ‘grey stuff’.

‘Try the grey stuff it’s delicious, don’t believe me? Ask the dishes’


Lots of lists have been made and plans started.  I am super excited about this trip.  The first 5 times we went to Florida was as a group of adults, the last time we went we had a 3 year old, this time we will have a 5 year old an 18 month old and a 4 month old……….I am not too sure that I like the fact that my Brother keeps referring to me as the nanny!!!

A Smashing Christmas

I have blogged before about scrapbooking, especially my love for Smash Journals.  At Christmas I received the ‘Holiday’ edition Smash Journal kit.  The pages in this book are so cool, just like with all Smash Journals, the pages are pre printed with designs.  This book has also got several plastic pockets to put photos or keepsakes in.

I can’t wait to start filling this with all my Christmas and New Year memories.






Are there any other bloggers out there who enjoy scrapbooking?

Maybe Christmas he thought…….

Here is a little sneak peak of my Christmas.


1. Scrumptious snow fairy shower gel from Lush

2. A beautiful Christmas sign made by my Sister and Brother In Law

3. Christmas day presents

4. Christmas day stockings

5. My new fire place

6. One of the many trees at my parents house

7. My Sisters Birthday is 27th December and I did her an Elf themed lunch

8. All our stockings lined up at my parents

9. My Mums amazing wrapping

I was extremely lucky and got some beautiful gifts.  I had an iPad, a ticket to see Mr J T, a photo book from my trip to the Warner Bros HP studio tour, the holiday edition Smash Journal, a gorgeous necklace and lots and lots of other bits and bobs.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas x

One Night At The Palladium

I was lucky enough to go and see Robbie Williams when he played the London Palladium a couple of weeks ago.  Here is what happened………


Pre show snacks!  Pimms and Krispy Kreme doughnuts.




Fan seats.


Celeb spotting outside.  I spotted Liam from One Direction!


We had planned to go for cocktails but ended up taking noodles back to our hotel!


A treat for Mum.

Busy Bee

I haven’t had chance to blog for a couple of months, I have been a busy bee! I have taken a few snaps along the way so you can see what I have been up to….


















* Jay Z

* Honeys first dance show

* My Mum was super excited to see this sign

* Danny Elfman……..all kinds of amazing

And a smashing time was had

I have mentioned before about my families (the girls) love of scrapbooking.  I have had a smash journal for a while but have only really started using it this year.  When I say I have a smash journal I actually mean I have 3, I cant help myself, they are so pretty.

The thing that I love about smash journals are the pretty background papers that are already picked for you.  Each journal is a different style, I have the pink one which is a pretty style, the blue one which is a baby style (I am a proud Auntie) and the orange simple style one.  You can add as much or as little to each page.  You can use them to get really creative or you can simply stick a photo in, the pagers are already that pretty that you can get away with not doing anything other than stick a photo in if you wanted.

Here are a few of my completed pages.








We don’t have any local shops that sell scrapbooking and smash journals so most things I get from online or when we are on holiday in America.

If there are any other scrapbookers out there I would love to hear of some new places to try for products.

August looked like

OK, so I am a few days late with this post but this is what my August looked like.


1.  Already Been Chewed cookies.

2.  Brief Encounter clock at Carnforth station.

3.  My addiction to home magazines continues.

4.  My first ever trifle…….I didn’t make the same mistake as Rachael from Friends!

5.  I got tickets to see Danny Elfman.  I am so excited 🙂

6.  We went to see The Lion King musical at the Birmingham Hippodrome.  Such an amazing show, I cried within the first 3 minutes………such a girl!

7.  Crazy golf.

8.  Watching Monsters University with my gorgeous Niece. I’m watching you Wazowski.

9.  South Lakes Wild Animal Park.  Apparently I can’t have a giraffe as a pet 😦