It is what it is

All of a sudden I have noticed that I have lots of candles.  I am not sure how I ended up with so many!  This weekend my home welcomed two more…..


This candle is from The Range.  My Mum picked this up to buy and some how I ended up with one too.


This cute candle is from TK Maxx.  I originally picked it up because I liked the ceramic pot that it was in, as soon as I smelt it I knew I wanted to buy it.  I am not too sure how to describe the smell of this candle other than pretty.


I also picked this notebook up from TK Maxx, I thought it would make a cool travel journal for when we go to Florida later this year.


I Love Men In Top Hats

Things you will see on the walls of my home…….


This was a Christmas gift a couple of years ago from my parents.  I believe this was from Rocket St George, although I can no longer find this print on their site.


An Etsy purchase.


This was a Christmas gift from my Brother and Sister In Law about 4 years ago.  I am a huge Goonies fan.  My Brother managed to get me a photo signed by Jeff Cohen who played Chunk.


This was a Christmas gift this year.  It is leaning against the wall at the minute but I think I might eventually have it up on the wall.  This was also from Rocket St George, I could spend a fortune on this site, there are so many things I want from here for my house.